Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to Aftermint!

For those new to Aftermint, we encourage you to continue reading this documentation. It will guide you through the process of creating, launching, and managing Dapps effectively.

Should you have any questions about anything related to Aftermint, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Why Build Your Own Dapp?

Use Aftermint to build your own Dapps, crafting powerful Web3 experiences with your token collection. Discover (opens in a new tab) how the organizers of Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 created a unique NFT experience for their attendees.

With Aftermint, you can build Dapps that:

  • Require no coding skills
  • Are Web2-friendly, supporting social logins and making wallets optional
  • Have a professional and attractive appearance
  • Allow users without a wallet to claim tokens
  • Enable token claims without the need for gas fees
  • Can be featured on the Aftermint Discovery Portal, a global map showcasing your real-life presence and popularity
  • (Coming soon) Use token ownership or transfers to trigger custom actions

Have a cool idea? Chat with us and see how we can work together!

System Requirement

The following requirements apply to both the Aftermint dashboard and the Dapps that you build:

  • A mobile or desktop device connected to the Internet.
  • Recent versions of web browsers with JavaScript enabled.

Begin Your Journey

Go to the Sign In Page

Visit (opens in a new tab) and sign in using your email or Google account. An account will be automatically created for you.

If you signed in using your Google account, skip to the last step.

Get a Magic Sign In Link

Continuing from the previous step, once you click 'Sign In,' you should receive a magic sign-in link within seconds.


The magic link expires within a few minutes. If needed, you can obtain a new link by repeating this step.

Sign In

Click the magic sign-in link you received in your email. The first time you sign in to the Aftermint dashboard, you will land on the 'Create Dapp' page.

Next Step

Continue to the Create Dapps page to create your very first Dapp!