Associate physical locations with your Dapps. These locations will be displayed on the Discovery Portal (launching late 2023/early 2024) as pins on the map.

Pins allow token holders to see where their tokens are accepted and gauge the popularity of tokens at various locations. They can also share these locations and their popularity on social media.

Create Location

To begin, click 'Create Location' on the menu.

Google Maps Autocomplete

This feature helps conveniently fill in your location's information using Google Maps data.

It automatically displays the location's photos (provided by Google) when users click on the location pin in the Discovery Portal.

Feel free to override any auto-populated information. To repopulate fields with Google Maps data, simply use this feature again.

Location Information

Enter details about the location you're creating:

  • Name: The name of the location.
  • Description: Inform holders about the location and how they can use their tokens there.
  • Latitude and Longitude: Determines the pin's placement on the map.
  • Address: The physical address of the location.
  • Phone: The phone number for the location.
  • URL: Website of the location.
  • Instagram: Full link to the Instagram profile of the location
  • Twitter: Full link to the X / Twitter profile of the location
  • Facebook: Full link to the Facebook profile or page of the location
  • YouTube: Full link to the YouTube video or channel of the location
  • TikTok: Full link to the TikTok video or account of the location
  • Type: Select one or more categories for the location.
  • Marker Pin Glyth: Graphical glyth of the pin shown on the map.
  • Marker Pin Background Color: Background color of the pin shown on the map. Use a valid RGB hexadecimal value.
  • Marker Pin Border Color: Border color of the pin shown on the map. Use a valid RGB hexadecimal value.

Dapps At This Location

Associate Dapps from your account with this location. The location's popularity count increases with each successful event (like verification, claim, transfer) triggered by an associated Dapp.

You can associate multiple Dapps with a location. To stop counting events from a specific Dapp, just deselect it.

Your Locations

View all your created locations by clicking 'Your Locations' on the menu. Below is an example list you might see:

Example locations

Location name, description, categories, and token popularity are conveniently displayed.