Modify / Delete Dapps

Modify / Delete Dapps

You can modify or delete your Dapp using the dashboard.

Sign In to the Dashboard

Skip this step if you have already signed in; otherwise, please follow the instructions here.

Navigate to the Your Dapps Page

If you are not already on the 'Your Dapps' page, click the 'Your Dapps' tile in the menu.

Launch the Edit Dapp Page

Locate the Dapp you want to modify or delete, and click the 'Edit Dapp' button below it.

Modify or Delete Your Dapp

You will land on the Dapp's configuration page, which is identical to the one you saw when creating the Dapp.

Make your changes and click the 'Update Dapp' button. Once the changes are saved, a notification will appear in the bottom left corner of the browser.

To delete the Dapp, click the 'Delete Dapp' button. A confirmation dialog will appear. After the Dapp is deleted, you will be redirected back to the 'Your Dapps' page.