Launch Dapps

Launch Dapps

After creating a Dapp, you can launch it to serve your end users.

Sign In to the Dashboard

Skip this step if you have already signed in; otherwise, please follow the instructions here.

Navigate to the Your Dapps Page

If you are not already on the 'Your Dapps' page, click the 'Your Dapps' tile in the menu. If you have been following instructions from the Create Dapps documentation, you should see the Dapp you have just created.

If you have never created a Dapp, you will be automatically redirected to the Create Dapp page. Follow the instructions from the Create Dapps documentation to create a Dapp.

Launch Your Dapp

Click on the name of the Dapp you want to launch. Your Dapp will open in a new browser tab or window. Your Dapp is now ready to serve your end users.

Using Your Dapp

Depending on the Dapp type, usage may vary slightly.

For instance, with the Verification Dapp, you might consider launching the Dapp on a tablet device for a receptionist to use in determining entry to an event.

The URL links to your Dapps are static and publicly accessible. You can copy these links to launch your Dapps directly on any device without needing to sign in to the dashboard.