Token Transfer

Token Transfer Dapp

Use a Token Transfer Dapp when you need to request tokens from your customers.

You might wonder, isn't this a standard feature of most crypto wallets? While it is, manually entering transaction details can be cumbersome for your customers and prone to errors, such as:

  • Sending tokens to the wrong address.
  • Sending the incorrect type of token.
  • Not having the correct token metadata configured in their crypto wallet.

Streamlined Token Transfer Experience

To enhance the customer experience, our goal is to simplify and expedite the token transfer process as much as possible. With Aftermint Token Transfer Dapps, the process is reduced to two simple steps:

  • Scan a QR code using a mobile crypto wallet.
  • Press a button to sign and submit the transaction.

That's all there is to it! This eliminates the need for manual input of receiver addresses, token smart contract addresses, or token amounts.


If each transaction requires a different amount, you can leave the amount field blank in the Dapp's configuration. The Dapp will then enable you to enter the desired amount before presenting your customer with a QR code.


Dapp Information

These will be shown on the Dapp's page, where your customers will see when they use your Dapp.

  • Name of Dapp: The name of your Dapp. Use this to inform your customers about the specific token that is being transferred.
  • Description of Dapp: Provide additional information useful for your customers. This will be placed below the Dapp's name.

ERC-20 Smart Contract Settings

These are essential blockchain-related settings for the Dapp's functionality.

  • Smart Contract Address: This refers to the specific contract that defines the token being requested for transfer. Supported networks include:
    • Ethereum Mainnet
    • Ethereum Goerli
    • Polygon PoS Mainnet
    • Polygon Mumbai
  • Default Chain: Choose the chain where the ERC-20 token is located.
  • Receiver Wallet Address: Enter the address of the wallet receiving the token.
  • Token Name: Ensure this matches the name as defined in the ERC-20 smart contract specified above.
  • Token Symbol: Ensure this matches the symbol as defined in the ERC-20 smart contract specified above.
  • Token Decimal: Ensure this matches the decimal as defined in the ERC-20 smart contract specified above.

    The Token Decimal setting must match the value in your ERC-20 smart contract. If it doesn't, it could result in the wrong amount being transferred.

  • Amount: This is an optional field. Enter a value to set a fixed transaction amount and disable the Dapp's amount input field. Leave it blank to allow the user to input the amount in the Dapp.

Custom Styling

  • Dapp Icon: This is the icon displayed in the browser's tab.
  • Open Graph Image: This image appears where link previews are supported, including on X.
  • Open Graph URL: If specified, this URL will be used as the canonical address instead of the Dapp's direct link.